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Pocomoke has been our home for over 18 years. This is where my husband, John and I raised our beautiful children. It is where we work, and it is where we continue to enjoy all that the beautiful Eastern Shore has to offer. Boating, fishing and hunting have always been my family's hobbies and we enjoy it all within a short distance of our home.


While our children attended Pocomoke schools, I was appointed to the parent committee by the principal at PES, to volunteering to do fundraising 4 years for our Warriors baseball team at PHS all prior to our children graduating. Today, I remain involved by attending the school board and County Commissioner meetings, advocating for change in the areas I believe we can improve.


Over the past 18 years I have learned much about the history of District 1 and what it “used to be”. I have truly enjoyed the conversations and stories shared with me by some of our oldest community members. I’ve watched our district change over these years, especially after Covid. I watched as several small businesses were shuttered and our Churches were forced to shut their doors. These were unconstitutional mandates and should never of been allowed in our County. I see far too few new businesses coming in. Many of our young people do not feel they want to stay in this area because of the lack of economic opportunity.

My plan is to forge partnerships with our city council and my fellow commissioners to become engaged in need for economic development in District 1. For too long the north side of the county has been the focus as the south side seemingly ignored. I want to give our youth hope and a future right here in the district in hopes they will choose to stay. I want entrepreneurs to be interested in starting their business here. I want to attract businesses to our community and deliver on the infrastructure needed to support them. We need to reduce burdensome regulations that are only stifling small businesses from coming to our area or expanding their current businesses. In speaking to current business owners on issues they face, we can create ideas and develop successful strategies to improve and enhance a climate of pro-business.


I will also promote our Tech Center and expansion of the skilled trades, as I see them as a path forward for many graduates who may not be interested in college. People are diverse and have different dreams, skills and passions to bring to the table. Initiating workforce training/apprentice partnerships between businesses and schools has been very successful and something I plan to work on diligently.


I will also promote volunteerism as this connects us to community when we serve each other. I also would like to revive the “Commissioner for A Day” for our high school seniors. This was created years ago and introduced by Sonny Bloxom, one of our past Commissioners. We need to engage our youth in government as well, for they will become future leaders.

Elected officials have a constitutional obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. We must also protect The Bill of Rights which guarantees unalienable rights and civil liberties given to us by God. In the words of MLK, we should not have to choose between chaos or community. We must support and equip our officers to keep our communities safe and places families will want to stay, raise their children and businesses can thrive without fear of lawlessness. We must also remember the vital role our volunteer fire/EMS departments play in the most rural areas of Worcester County and assist with funding as much as possible. 

Broadband is an issue that will be dealt with once and for all. I believe we can achieve bringing broadband to all county residents with little to no cost to the taxpayers. We also need to have multiple companies working on this to get this completed in Worcester County in a timely manner.

The sports complex is another issue that the taxpayers should not be paying for, I will stand by that. At this time, our country is in a recession, the worst time to be spending the amounts this project would cost. I agree with most people in Berlin, who don't want it there. I would like to explore different property on the south end of the county and look for a private investor. We have several parcels of land right in District 1 and I believe we could accomplish this. I am also passionate about giving the youth of District 1 a safe place to play sports, year-round, centrally located and also supervised. I pledge to never vote against our district to benefit another as my opponent has.


Thank you for your interest and taking the time to visit. I am a Christian with a strong faith in God, a Conservative Republican with traditional core values and a Constitutionalist who will never forget your individual liberties. I'll be a relentless advocate for the people of my District, who've for years now, felt forgotten. I am asking for your vote and your trust in electing me, a concerned citizen, not a politician, to be your County Commissioner District 1. Thank you. 


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